Europe in 21 questions

Our camper dream has officially come to an end. So, after nine months of living and travelling Europe in a van, what did we think?

Mitchell and I compiled and list of 21 questions about our trip and have answered them truthfully for all of YOU to read. One catch, to prevent our answers from being swayed neither was to reveal what we’d said until the very end. Read on to find out what we really thought.

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24/7 with one person

This is Mitchell. He looks like he’s alone in this photo but he’s not. That’s because I am on the other side of the lens. As he is, with every photo taken of me. The reality is we are never alone. For the last eight months we have travelled Europe while living in a campervan. We are together 24/7. Always. All. The. Time.

Think about being in a room smaller than your bedroom. But that room is your entire house. And there’s another person in it. You sometimes wish you had a dog for a second person to talk to, because dogs are Read More

10 somethings I learnt about Morocco

Morocco was never on my ‘must visit’ list of countries. However, I have always said if you have the opportunity to go somewhere new, do not pass it up. Naturally I had no expectations. After spending over two weeks driving from the very north to the south I experienced many learnings about a place I have come to love and will happily return. Some intriguing, some hilarious, some irritating, but all a memory not to be forgotten. Below are ten somethings I learnt about Morocco.

One. Bargaining at markets is draining and seriously tests your patience. I know it’s a tradition of Moroccan
culture so I’m not saying it shouldn’t happen, I’m just saying I don’t like it. Just tell me how much you want for the damned thing and I’ll pay it. No games please. Although I did figure out that if a store owner at a market introduces himself by name and asks for yours in return he is a) Read More

Oktoberfest for beginners

Now that Oktoberfest has officially come to an end and we are nearing the end of the real October, I see an opportunity to provide a quick beginners guide to anyone planning to go to the festival in 2017. While I am in no position to call myself an expert on the subject (after my one day and one hour of Oktoberfesting) I did recently find myself in exactly the same position as many of you reading this post – completely new and oblivious to the entire situation. What do I wear? What time should I go? I didn’t know there were rides? Where can I get food? Do I really have to drink all that beer? Where’s the wine?

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The ins and outs of Sail Croatia

Despite the constant mixed reviews I read online, Sail Croatia had always been high on my to do list. Seven days on a boat, sailing the Adriatic ocean with like minded individuals and never ending cider and cocktails… what could possibly go wrong? I had to see what the fuss was about for myself.

Below is a detailed, honest review of my experience including the good, the bad and the gory details. If you’ve ever thought about doing Sail Croatia Read More

Outlook: Where time is turned

Outlook is one of Croatia’s premier music festivals set across six days in the late 19th century Fort Punta Christo. It hosts sounds of drum and bass, dubstep, reggae and grime from the early hours of the morning to deep into the night. Because of this there are 16,000 smiling faces and not a care for anything else in the world except the beautiful Croatian sun and music.

Outlook is something you can’t control. It’s something Read More

To the moon and back: Sziget

Have you ever been to the moon? I went to the moon and back every night for seven days. Every night, in a crowd of people, I would look to the top left corner of the sky. There she was. The moon staring down at me just as I was staring up at her. I would close my eyes and that was it. Every night from that moment on I was transported to a new land. A land that was out of this world.

It was a land of no worries, only wanderers. No problems, only poets. A land of freedom, imagination and art. A land where music has the ability to Read More